Our Accommodation


Students stay in our residential accommodation on the shores of Lough Arrow. Each bedroom is en-suite and with an average of 4 students in each room. Bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily and a light laundry facility is provided.

The accommodation also comprises of separate recreation areas and a dining room. There is a dedicated wi-fi room for the 1 hour phone time each evening.

The surrounding grounds are safe and secure with Lough Arrow providing the perfect backdrop for students to relax and enjoy the Irish countryside.


common room

Recreation Area

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each day in the dining room. Good health and nutrition are our priority and ingredients are sourced locally.

Freshly baked croissants are delivered to the students between morning lessons.

Students are provided with fresh fruit platters during homework time each evening.


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Fechas de apertura

ELCI Sligo: del 23 de junio al 4 de agosto

Lough Allen: del 30 de junio al 20 de julio

Llegadas y salidas los domingos


Acogida en el aeropuerto y recogida en el aeropuerto de Dublín


Llegadas y salidas

Domingos de 10h a 20 h

Contacte con nosotros

Por teléfono: +353 86 815 3218

Por Email: info@elci.ie

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