ELCI Lough Allen

Junior Course for mini groups with group leaders

July 3rd to July 16th 2022

ELCI has become one of the most highly regarded Junior schools in Ireland. As a result of increased demand for our courses we will return to Lough Allen for a two week programme in 2022.

Lough Allen, Course Overview:

  • Residential course with a maximum of 50 students
  • Ages 12 to 17
  • 3 hours of English tuition each morning
  • 5 English levels, maximum of 10 students in each class
  • Activities every afternoon and evening including kayaking, surfing, tag-rugby, horse-riding, cookery lessons, ziplines etc.
  • Irish teenagers also attend all meals and activities to ensure everyone uses English as a common language
  • Maximum of 15 students from each country
  • Weekend excursion is a camping trip in the Irish countryside and a day trip to Dublin
  • The school is in a beautiful lakeside location, all our staff are fully qualified native speakers and most importantly they are all very friendly!

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The Accommodation

  • Each bedroom sleeps 4 or 5 students with a private bathroom.
  • Common area with sofas for watching movies or hanging out with friends
  • Restaurant for all meals
  • Games area for ping-pong, board games, Wii etc.
  • Sports fields and indoor gymnasium
  • Modern classrooms

Green Box

Open Dates:

ELCI Sligo: July 3rd to July 31st 2022
Lough Allen: : July 3rd to July 16th 2022
Arrive and Depart on Sundays


Airport welcome and pick up from Dublin airport


Arrivals and Departures
Sundays 10am to 8pm

Contact Us

Call : +353 86 815 3218

Email: info@elci.ie

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